Swim Jigs

Elite Swim Jigs are excellant swim jigs!  The EliteSwim Jigs is based off of my standard jig heads and have been upgraded by gluing on the eyes.  After the eyes are glued on they are then epoxied over for long lasting durability.  The Elite Swimim Jigs has a  powder coated head for paint durability and a 55 strand skirt.

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Shot Caller Swim Jig Swim Jig Grass N Swim Jig
Shot Caller Swim JigSwim JigGrass N Swim Jig

The Shot Caller Swim Jig is one of the best swim jigs we sell. The head design allows it to come through the weeds extremely well. The base of the head is flat so the head does not roll on the bottom. With eye option have been selected we upgrade...

Swim Jig is an awesome swim jig. It works as a great swim jig or all around fishing jig. With eye option have been selected we upgrade by gluing on the eye and applying an epoxy on the top coat over the eyes for durability. Built on a 28 degree...

Whether you are swiming a jig on weed lines or punching into them, the Grass N Swim jig is the jig to call on. From 1/4 oz for light weeds and fishing weedlines to a 1.5oz for the thick matts or deep swimming. It features a 30 degree eye for...