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Shake2 Pro Model Shakey Heads EnRAGED Shakey™ Megalodon Shaky Head
Shake2 Pro Model Shakey HeadsEnRAGED Shakey™Megalodon Shaky Head

Finesse fishing will never be the same with our new e2 Shakey Head advanced stabile football head. Finesse fishing a small worm or craw on light line allows you to focus on finicky, non-aggressive bass. Bobby Uhrig (President and Owner of...

The EnRAGED Series Shakey is designed to out-perform all others when flipping, pitching, and casting your soft plastics in around any cover or terrain. Available: Green Pumpkin 1/4 oz has fixed coil spring and other sizes are jointed. 1/4oz 4/0...

The Megalodon Shaky Head is build on a Mustad Ultra Point 8/0 hook. The Megalodon is make for fishing big baits like the Rage Lobster, big worms, or any other big bait for ledge fishing or any other situation that you need a big bait and a big...







Dredge Shaky Head Zenith Shaky Head Tungsten Shaky Head
Dredge Shaky HeadZenith Shaky HeadTungsten Shaky Head

The Dredge Shake Head is made with an Owner Deep Throat hook and a stainless coil for plastics attachment. This is the best shaky head I have ever used. Its build heavier duty and will handle more extreme conditions. The football head has a flat...

Zenith Shake head is constructed with a Mustad Ultra Point hook. The head has a flat base on the bottom while the top section is a football design. The flat base will help stand your bait up while fishing. The head is finished off with a tough...

Our Tungsten Shaky Heads are comprised of 97% tungsten for the greatest sensitivity on the market. Smaller profile vs. lead gives you a more compact presentation while allowing you to use the same weight. The spring keeper is adjustable to line...