Grid Iron Rubber Jig
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The Grid Iron jig is custom made to order. This is a great jig to fish in just about any condition.

We start with an Owner Round Bend Widegap hook.  Owners Description: Flip 'n' pitch jig hooks, with a 60° eye-bend and a heavy-duty, forged XXX strong shank, ideal for horsing big bass out of heavy cover. Features include Cutting Point® and black finish.

The lead jighead is powder coated and then heat cured for an extremely durable finish. Epoxied in weed guard.  1/4-3/8 is a 4/0 hook and 1/2-3/4 is a 5/0 hook.

Grid Iron Rubber Jig is built with Living Rubber and finished with a wire tie.  Built with an Owner XXX strong hook.  Head Styles available are Arky, Brush, Dock, and G2.

Rubber sizes available are Regular and select colors in Heavy.

Grid Iron Rubber Jig

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