Dredge G2 Jighead
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The Dredge Football is built with an Owner Deep Throat jig hook. Owner's description:  Flip 'n' pitch jig hooks, with a reverse sproat bend that's ideal for fishing porkrind and other trailing baits. Additional features include Cutting Point®, 60° eye-bend, wide gap, XX strong shank, and black finish.

The Dredge Football jig is an great jig for ledges, rocks, chunk rock or any time you need to drag a jig.   As the jig falls it points the trailer about 45 degrees up and lands with the trailer at this same angle.

The paint is a powder coat that is heat cured for an extremely durable finish.

 Offered by singles or Discounted 5 pack.  The Discounted 5 pack is all one color and style.

Unpainted heads are in the raw form come with a black weed guard.



Dredge G2 Jighead

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5 or more: $1.65 each
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