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Big TRD™ EZ TubeZ™ Finesse ShroomZ™
Big TRD™EZ TubeZ™Finesse ShroomZ™

Incorporating the familiar profile and irresistible action found in the hugely popular Finesse TRD™, the upsized Big TRD draws even more attention to help trigger even bigger bites. Designed to mate with the new Power Finesse ShroomZ...

Due to overwhelming customer demand, the super-effective tube profile is now available in our proprietary 10X Tough ElaZtech® material. Ideal for smallmouth fishing on northern lakes, skipping beneath mangroves for finicky snook, and...

Designed to be paired with the Finesse TRD, Finesse ShadZ, or Hula StickZ to create the perfect Ned Rig, the Finesse ShroomZ jighead sport a custom wire keeper welded onto the hook shank that not only makes rigging a breeze, but holds ElaZtech...





Finesse ShroomZ™ Weedless Finesse TRD™ Scented LeechZ™
Finesse ShroomZ™ WeedlessFinesse TRD™Scented LeechZ™

A weedless version of our popular Finesse ShroomZ jighead, the Finesse ShroomZ Weedless features a double stainless multi-strand wire weedguard that makes it possible to employ Midwest Finesse tactics around grass, brush, and laydowns without...

The Finesse TRD (The Real Deal) is designed specifially for the Midwest finesse style of fishing, more commonly known as the Ned Rig, which has been gaining momentum nationwide as a subtle and easy-to-master, yet amazingly effective,...

Sporting bulbous tails, ribbed bodies and textured, lifelike bellies, the new Scented LeechZ are anything but your ordinary drop-shot baits. While 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction reduces tearing when nose hooked, the bait's outstanding...





ZinkerZ™ LizardZ™ TRD TubeZ™
ZinkerZ™LizardZ™TRD TubeZ™

As versatile as they are productive, super-tough, salt-impregnated ZinkerZ sink slowly and tantalizingly when fished unweighted. Rigged straight, Texas, Carolina, wacky, or drop shot style, ZinkerZ outfish other soft stick baits, and won't tear...

A smooth body style, curly tail, and natural-swimming legs converge to make LizardZ as enticing as they are versatile. These super-durable, salt-impregnated, buoyant lizards excelled when rigged Texas or Carolina style. Made of 10X Tough...

Engineered with a solid nose for easy rigging on Finesse ShroomZ™ jigheads, the 2.75" TRD TubeZ exemplifies, quite simply, the perfect Ned Rig-sized tube bait profile that's ideal for both Midwest finesse bass and crappie fishing tactics....