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KVD Sexy Frog Strike King Jointed Structure Head Rage 10" Thumper Worm
KVD Sexy FrogStrike King Jointed Structure HeadRage 10" Thumper Worm

Designed and approved by Kevin Van Dam, the Strike King KVD Sexy Frog is the finest, feature-packed frog-style bait ever from Strike King. Perfect for heavy cover and open water applications, it features a super sharp Gamakatsu hook, a soft...

Combining Strike King’s unique cobra-head design with a free-moving construction, the Strike King Jointed Structure Head delivers an enhanced movement that will bring your favorite soft plastics to life. Molded with a hook hanger along the...

The Strike King Rage 10' Thumper Worm is great for fishing areas with big bass, especially in the summertime. It's designed to have an increased 'flicker' action as it falls to help entice the big fish to eat. The unique Rage Tail design...







Rage Baby Craw Rage Bug Rage Chunk
Rage Baby CrawRage BugRage Chunk

Coming in at just 3 inches, the Baby Rage Craw has already proven to be a superior solution for small jigs and/or Texas rigs in finesse applications for proffesional anglers and everyday fisherman. For those of you fishing ultra-clear or...

4" 7 per pack Strike King Rage Tail DB Structure Bug was designed with the help of bass fishing legend, Denny Brauer. Made to be the ultimate flip bait, its streamlined body allows it to slip in and out of tiny holes in cover, and its precise...

Featuring Strike King`s patented Rage Tail design, the Rage Tail Chunk is a versatile, compact chunk that can be fished behind a swim jig, flipping jig, casting jig, or football jig. No matter how you throw it, the Strike King Rage Tail Chunk...




Rage Craw Rage Cut R Worm Rage Lobster
Rage CrawRage Cut R WormRage Lobster

The Rage Tail Craw from Strike King has a unique and exclusive tail specifically tailored for superior action in the water. The Craw creates noise, splash and action like no other soft plastic bait. Infused with the exclusive coffee scent, you...

Strike King’s most versatile worm ever, the Strike King Rage Cut-R Worm can be flipped, pitched, Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, swam weightless or on a weighted hook. Featuring Strike King's Rage Tail customized hi-grade plastic...

Popular with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Denny Brauer, the Strike King Rage Tail Lobster is designed to displace an insane amount of water, driving big fish crazy when flipped or pitched into cover. Strike King`s patented Rage Claws thrash...





Rage Magnum Bug 4.5" Rage Menace Rage Recon Worm
Rage Magnum Bug 4.5"Rage MenaceRage Recon Worm

Each Rage Tail™ lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Each is designed with a specific purpose and uses customized hi-grade plastics for superior action. The Rage Magnum Bug is...

Strike King's Rage Twintail Menace Grub is a soft plastic twin tail grub with an attitude! The Rage Twintail Menace Grub has a crazy tail action, even at slow fall or retrieve speeds. Use the Rage Twintail Menace Grub as a jig trailer, on a...

Strike King Rage Tail Recon Worm features a Rage flange on the tail for increased action similar to that of the popular Anaconda worm, and it also has a large ringed body for a softer, more natural feel to fish. The rings help it displace more...






Rage Shell Cracker Rage Swimmer Rage Lizard 6"
Rage Shell CrackerRage SwimmerRage Lizard 6"

The Strike King Rage Tail Shellcracker features a killer baitfish profile, solid soft plastic body, and Strike King’s patented Rage Tail design. A deadly flipping and pitching bait, it’s also a great choice for Texas- and...

New Rage Tail Swimmer.  Comes in 4 3/4 or 3 3/4". 


These are currently backordered and orders will be shipped in order they are received.

The Strike King Rage Lizard is the last soft plastic lizard you'll ever buy. The ever popular 6" lizard body has been a staple among many Texas rig and Carolina rig fisherman for years. The new 6" Rage Tail Lizard features the unique Rage Tail...





Rage Toad KVD Perfect Plastics Swim'n Caffeine Shad Rage Blade Blaster
Rage ToadKVD Perfect Plastics Swim'n Caffeine ShadRage Blade Blaster

The Rage Tail by Strike King brings a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. Each Rage Tail Lure has a unique and exclusive tail design and is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. The Rage Tail is designed with a specific purpose and...

The Strike King KVD Swim'n Caffeine Shad features the body style and profile of the original Caffeine Shad - now with a paddle tail for an incredible kicking action. Made with Strike King's Perfect Plastic formulation, the KVD Swim'n Caffeine...

A true multi-species spectacle, the Strike King Rage Blade Blaster provides a unique baitfish imitation that tempts fish into biting with an abundance of vibration. Whether it’s jigged vertically or worked with a straight retrieve, the...