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Evolution Jigs (Lead Free) Mega Strike Scent Roland Martain Big Bass Spinnerbait
Evolution Jigs (Lead Free)Mega Strike ScentRoland Martain Big Bass Spinnerbait

The Evolution Jig is the first real innovative jig design to come along in over 40 years. Our NEW, Advanced Skirt Forward Technology, along with our virtually invisible Fluorocarbon Weed guard, makes this the jig of choice. Evolution is the only...

MegaStrike Fish Attractant has accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Pro Tour. This scientifically formulated attractant took years to develop and is now ready to help you catch fish. The developer identified specific amino acids...

Legendary fisherman Roland Martin teamed up with MegaStrike Inc. to revive the Roland Martin Big Bass Spinnerbait. This spinnerbait was designed to catch and hold up against trophy-sized fish. Using new and improved technology, the new Roland...








Strike Back Spinnerbait Cavitron Buzzbait Shake2 Pro Model Shakey Heads
Strike Back SpinnerbaitCavitron BuzzbaitShake2 Pro Model Shakey Heads

Behind the Design The Jointed mid section creates more vibration making it easier to be detected by the fishes lateral line. The StrikeBack spinnerbait also allows for a much deeper hookset because of the freedom in movement of the hook. Not...

Cavitron™ is still proving to everyone that it is second to none. It is used by many pros on the BASSMASTER Elites as well as the FLW tournament trail. Cavitron™ sports all the finest materials from it's patented blade right to the...

Finesse fishing will never be the same with our new e2 Shakey Head advanced stabile football head. Finesse fishing a small worm or craw on light line allows you to focus on finicky, non-aggressive bass. Bobby Uhrig (President and Owner of...