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The Extreme Jig is made with a Trokar Hook.

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Extreme Arky Jig Extreme Brush Jig Extreme G2 Jig
Extreme Arky JigExtreme Brush JigExtreme G2 Jig

The Extreme Arky jig is an excellant all around jig. This is a great jig to fish in just about any condition. From light weeds, to rock, skipping docks, to heavy brush its a great all around fish catching machine. The Extreme Arky is built with a...

The Extreme Brush Jig is an excellent jig for fishing brush or laydowns. It is made to handle big fish and fish where those big fish live. From light weeds, to heavy brush, or dragging down the side of laydowns and tree tops. As the jig falls it...

The Extreme G2 Football Jig is next generation football jig. It incorporates a recessed eye for knot protection and angles on the bottom of the head. These angles help kick the head over structure minimizing hang ups. Testing this jig extensively...