Derocker G2 Football Jig
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The Derocker G2 Football Jig is next generation football jig.  It incorporates a recessed eye for knot protection and angles on the bottom of the head.  These angles help kick the head over structure minimizing hang ups.  Testing this jig extensively and there is no comparison to a standared football.  The Derocker G2 Football Jig out performs it in all aspects. 

The Derocker G2 Football Jig is an great jig for ledges, rocks, chunk rock or any time you need to drag a jig.   As the jig falls it points the trailer about 45 degrees up and lands with the trailer at this same angle.

We use a Mustad Ultra Point hook in the Derocker G2 Football Jig

The paint is a powder coat that is heat cured for an extremely durable finish.

The skirt is made from approximately 55 strands which you can choose if you want it wire tied for long lasting durability, banded for easy changeability, or rattle banded for extra noise for those murky water conditions.

Derocker G2 Football Jig

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